knee replacement surgery

Patient’s Doubts about Knee Replacement Surgery and real facts.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery was first performed in 1968 in USA, more than millions of Knee Replacement Surgery are performed every year in India , Success ration of Knee Replacement surgery is over 94% But still there are many doubts arises in minds of patients before the surgery .

Doubt 1:     The success rate of the surgery is very low.
Fact 1 :       Total knee replacement, or arthroplasty, among the most widely performed procedures in the world, is known to successfully relieve pain and restore function in patients with advanced knee arthritis. Success Ratio is above 94%.

Doubt 2:    Knee Replacement surgery takes 2-3 month for the full recovery and resuming the work.
Fact 2:        Recovery in Knee Replacement Surgery through Minimally Invasive technique hardly takes 3 week for full recovery.

Doubt 3:    Bending of the knee or sitting on the floor is difficult after the total knee replacement surgery.
Fact 3:        Through Subastus Technique ( Minimally Invasive) and High flex implants full knee bending is possible and patients can sit on floor by both knee bending and eat food with family. (Sitting on floor on regular basis is not advisable for patients)

Doubt 4:     2 Month Physiotherapy is mandatory after Knee Replacement Surgery and recovery is also very slow.
Fact 4:         Through Minimally Invasive technique for  Patients don’t need physiotherapist help . Patients can do basic exercises on his own and recovery is just 15 days to 21 days.

Doubt 5:      Knee Replacement surgery is very big surgery and huge blood loss during the surgery , all Knee Replacement patients needed Blood Transfusion.
Fact 5:         No muscle is cut in Knee Replacement Surgery if done through Minimally Invasive Technique. No muscle cut means no blood loss, no blood loss means no blood transfusion.

Doubt 6:     After 65 years of age doing Knee Replacement surgery is at very high risk.
Fact 6:        Age factor does not effect in Knee Replacement Surgery, patients above 85 years had done Total Knee Replacement Surgery. Through Minimally Invasive Technique recovery for old age patients became very fast and easy.

Doubt 7:    Both Knee Replacement Surgery can not be possible at the same time.
Fact 7:        Both Knee surgery is possible in single attempt, Both Knee surgery is depend on patients fitness and mental preparation.

Doubt 8:    After Knee Replacement Surgery patients cannot drive.
Fact 8:       Patients can start driving after three month of surgery.

Doubt 9:    If surgery failed , re surgery cannot be done .
Fact 9:       If surgery failed the revision surgery can be done .