Healthy Lifestyle Can Help You Avoid Knee Replacement In Future

Today’s life is very fast and progressive. As we are progressing, the competition between us is also increasing personally and professionally. It is very difficult to concentrate on health issues due to this fast life. In this competitive era our body does not get proper exercise and diet which ultimately affects the knees and is the main cause of knee pain.

The only thing a patient suffering from knee pain do is to get a proper diet and exercise daily. In this patient can monitor their health regularly.

Our body needs appropriate amount of calcium to maintain the strength of bones. Hence, breakfast is the most important diet. But in this busy life most people skip the most important meal of the day i.e., breakfast. Skipping breakfast reduces the energy hence reduces the bone strength which leads to increase in knee pain.

If the knee pain problem increases and if the patient suffering from knee pain has difficulty in walking and standing and doing regular activities then it is suggested to visit orthopedic doctor. After examination if needed, Knee replacement surgery using minimally invasive technique can be done.

Minimally invasive technique is the latest technique in which no muscles are cut during the surgery and hence there is less blood loss. Patient can start to walk on the day of the surgery itself

Advantages of minimally invasive knee replacement surgery

  • Patients Start walking in few hours of surgery.
  • No blood loss during the surgery, no blood Transfusion required.
  • Less Physiotherapy.
  • Less Antibiotic.
  • Patients Discharge within 3 Days from the Hospital after surgery.
  • Stitch less Surgery.
  • Recovery time is just two – three week.