Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee arthritis is a progressive disorder caused by gradual loss of cartilage and resulting in the development of bony spurs and cysts along the margins of the joints.
Knee Osteoarthritis leads to disability and loss of mobility, if pain is not relived by basic treatments like physiotherapy & medications, then Knee Replacement Surgery provides magical solution to all knee related problems”, quotes Dr. Bakul Arora, Knee Replacement Surgeon Thane.

Enjoy painless knee replacement surgery in Thane by mini - invasive technique", quotes by  Dr. Bakul Arora, knee replacement surgeon Thane.

Painless Knee Replacement Surgery! 

Pain after Knee / Hip Replacement Surgery can be a worrisome factor that deters the determination to undergo surgery. With recent advances in medical technology, it is possible to perform joint replacement surgeries via Minimally Invasive Techniques, wherein patients can get painless surgeries and painless post-operative period. With this technique your new knee will feel as comfortable as you feel at home. Our idea is to comfort patients and help them eliminate the fear of Knee and Hip replacement.

Surgery using Minimally Invasive Technique: 

Minimally Invasive Surgery technique is used when the muscles around the joints are NOT CUT. This approach doesn't incite the inflammation as much as the conventional technique. Hence the surgery is painless, recovery is quick and mist patients begin walking within 3 to 6 hours after surgery, moreover, they can also start climbing stairs on the next day of the operation itself.

Surgical Advantages of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery:

• Patients recovery is very fast.
• Patient can start walking within 3 to 6 hours and can start to climb stairs from the next day.
• The main advantage is unlike earlier where patient had to stay for weeks in hospital, now patient can get discharged within 3 to 4 days of operation treatment which is very beneficial for the patient and their recovery.
• Earlier, using the older methods, operation was done by a big incision or cut which lead to heavy blood loss but now with the minimally invasive technique, the incision or the cut is also less and hence the blood loss is also minimal during the process of  knee replacement.
• Blood loss is minimal hence blood transfusion is not required.
• Pain is less and recovery is quick hence less physiotherapy is needed.
• Patient don't need to take heavy antibiotics
• It is minimally invasive hence is stitchless surgery.

Unique techniques:

Surgery is done WITHOUT use of

Benefits of Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery:

• Less blood loss
• Less local tissue trauma to nerves and muscles.
• Less post-operative pain
• Less risk of complications like deep vein thrombosis, infection or blood clots, etc
• Easier and early rehabilitation
• Less post-operative stiffness

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Mrs.Vinodini Jagtap

After  six years of pain,not being able to do the things I love, like playing with my grandson, I consulted Dr. Bakul Arora. On the second day of surgery I was climbing stairs and was discharged on third day.

Mr. Proctor John

My first condition with Dr. Bakul Arora was "No Blood Transfusion" in my knee Replacement Surgery, and he promised me that I have been quite impressed with the technique he performed on me, It is a technique that I hope and anticipate will revolutionize the next generation of Knee Replacement. I am so thankful to be living pain free and relieving my Football days...

Mrs.Kamlaben Thakkar

My knees pain had got to a point where it was disturbing my daily activities and sometimes also sleep. I was home bound when all my family members went out for celebrations. I spoke to few patients who had been operated earlier under Dr. Bakul Arora and they encouraged me to trust him. I underwent the surgery with a positive mind. Now I walk daily 1.5 km with no pain.

Mrs.Rukmani Sawant

I had so many people telling me about pain after knee replacement surgery. But my experience was totally different, I walked on the same day after surgery without assistance, and never had any pain since then. I can't believe that Knee Replacement Surgery would be easy.

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