Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Knee Replacement Surgery In India

Painless Knee Replacement Surgery 

Pain after Knee / Hip Replacement Surgery can be a worrisome factor that deters the determination to undergo surgery.
With recent advances it is possible to replace a joint via Minimally Invasive Techniques, wherein patients enjoy painless postoperative period. With this technique your new knee will feel as comfortable as you feel at home. Our idea is to comfort patients and help them eliminate the fear of Knee and Hip replacement.

A. Surgery using Minimally Invasive Technique:  Mini Invasive Surgery is when the muscles around the joint are NOT CUT. This approach doesn’t incite the inflammation as much as the conventional technique. Hence the surgery is painless, recovery is quick and most patients begin walking within 3 to 6 hours after surgery, start stairs climbing on the next day.

Surgical Advantages of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery .

  • Fast Recovery
  • Walking after 4-5 hrs of surgery and staircase climbing from next day of surgery.
  • Short hospital stay 2 to 4 days.
  • Minimal blood loss during the surgery
  • No blood Transfusion
  • Less Physiotherapy.
  • Less Antibiotic.
  • Stitch less Surgery.


B. Unique techniques: surgery is done WITHOUT use of


• Less blood loss.
• Less local tissue trauma to nerves and muscles.
• Less post-operative pain.
• Less risk of complications like deep vein thrombosis, infection or blood clots, etc.
• Easier & early rehabilitation.
• Less post operative stiffness.

Knee Salvation Procedure

This is a unique combination of three procedures which offers a solution to chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis. In isolation these procedures offer moderate pain relief and improve joint function, but in combination these act synergistically and act as an alternative to Knee Replacement. 
This procedure is safer, simpler & offers similar benefits of a knee replacement. It can be done as an Outpatient procedure, wherein patient can go home and resume normal activities on the same day.
Components of this procedure are:
1. Arthroscopic Lavage 
2. PRP/Stem cell Injection 
3. Proximal Fibular Osteotomy
1. Arthroscopic Lavage
  Arthroscopic lavage is a procedure done to wash out any debris, blood, fluid or loose body from joints. It is commonly used to treat osteo-arthritis. Osteoarthritis of the knee can cause pain, stiffness, swelling and difficulty in walking. An arthroscopic washout is often combined with debridement, synovectomy, abrasion chondroplasty, micro-fracture decompression of worn out bony surfaces. In isolation, arthroscopic lavage contributes to about 20% of pain relief.
2.  Stem Cells or PRP
      Those who suffer from arthritis know the feelings of discomfort, pain, and stiffness all too well. Arthritis can decrease your quality of life and make it harder for you to do things you once loved, but stem cells and PRP injections could help. Stem cells are the body’s raw materials. They are cells that all other cells are generated from, while PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a combination of platelets and growth factors, which occur naturally in the body. PRP works to provide messages to cells, signaling them to help stem cells flourish and develop into new cartilage. Stem cells are harvested from bone marrow. These cells are then injected into the damaged joints. The stem cells can change into specialized cells to heal the affected arthritis areas. The stem cells transform into cartilage cells, which in turn produce new cartilage. PRP have shown to prevent scarring and reduce inflammation so the healing process is accelerated. 
3. Proximal Fibular Osteotomy 

     Compared with knee replacement, PFO is a simpler surgical procedure, effectively relieves knee pain and also corrects the deformity for patients with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis (OA). PFO is performed by removing a 2 to 3 cm length of fibula bone at a site 6 to 10 cm below the knee. Full weight bearing and free mobilization are allowed after surgery. PFO relieves pain & corrects medial joint space by off-loading the weight bearing axis on the knee, thereby decompressing the medial compartment & loading the normal lateral compartment.

PFO is a simple, safe, fast and affordable surgery to relieve pain and improve joint function and the medial joint space in human knee osteoarthritis. PFO is a promising alternative in most developing countries because of their financial and healthcare delivery limitations. It may also constitute a promising alternative surgery for osteoarthritis of the medial compartment of the knee, especially for patients who cannot undergo TKA because of certain medical comorbidities. Furthermore, these patients can still undergo TKA in the future if it becomes necessary.

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Mrs.Vinodini Jagtap

After  six years of pain,not being able to do the things I love, like playing with my grandson, I consulted Dr. Bakul Arora. On the second day of surgery I was climbing stairs and was discharged on third day.

Mr. Proctor John

My first condition with Dr. Bakul Arora was "No Blood Transfusion" in my knee Replacement Surgery, and he promised me that I have been quite impressed with the technique he performed on me, It is a technique that I hope and anticipate will revolutionize the next generation of Knee Replacement. I am so thankful to be living pain free and relieving my Football days...

Mrs.Kamlaben Thakkar

My knees pain had got to a point where it was disturbing my daily activities and sometimes also sleep. I was home bound when all my family members went out for celebrations. I spoke to few patients who had been operated earlier under Dr. Bakul Arora and they encouraged me to trust him. I underwent the surgery with a positive mind. Now I walk daily 1.5 km with no pain.

Mrs.Rukmani Sawant

I had so many people telling me about pain after knee replacement surgery. But my experience was totally different, I walked on the same day after surgery without assistance, and never had any pain since then. I can't believe that Knee Replacement Surgery would be easy.

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